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Because Excel can be a bitch without it.

Your job title isn’t “Guy-Who-Updates-Data-then-Drags-Down-Formulas-and-Refreshes-Charts”, right? It’s Analyst.

You have so much know-how and skill, but you’re stuck doing the same thing over and over for hours every day. How are you supposed to wow your boss and clients if you’re dicking around with repetitive stuff in Excel all day?

Automate the Repetitive Stuff with VBA

You can use VBA and Excel to:

With VBA you can completely automate these boring jobs — but how are you supposed to learn? Asking questions on Excel forums is hit-or-miss at best, and if you made the mistake of posting to Stack Overflow your question probably got down voted and closed.

These Tutorials are Written for You

Each tutorial here is written in plain English and walks you through all the steps. You’ll also get short, narrated screencasts show you how it all works.

Complicated topics have been demystified and broken down into tiny, bite-size chunks. The pitfalls and gotchas are identified, labeled and avoided. Learn what took me years in minutes.

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