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The VBA Toolbelt

Get a massive head start on your next Excel VBA project!

  • One-liners for the most common Excel tasks:
    • Find the last-occupied row on a Worksheet? LastOccupiedRowNum has you covered.
    • Need to kill illegal Windows filename characters? RemoveIllegalWindowsCharacters to the rescue.
    • Want your user to select files? PromptUserToSelectFiles gets it done in a hurry.
  • Stand on the shoulders of giants like Chip Pearson:
    • Need to sort a Collection? SortCollection, boom. Next!
    • Want a Dictionary instead of a Collection? CollectionToDictionary and you're done.
  • You'll be up-and-running in minutes, solving ACTUAL problems instead of copying code from old projects to new ones

Get the VBA Toolbelt!

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